Tip #1: Improving My Sites with Adobe Stock Photos

 According to advertising legend David Ogilvy, the use of stock photos can either increase or decrease readership based on four factors – caption, placement, margin and relevance. If used correctly, they can add value to a website and improve user’s experience. They can hold useful information that makes it difficult for users to overlook them. Adobe Stock helps you achieve that by providing gorgeous, high-quality and cheap stock photos.

By using Adobe Stock and living by Ogilvy’s insight, I have transformed my websites from ugly and amateurish to sophisticated and professional. I’ve reinvented my old websites to modern ones. From cute cartoons to high-quality photos, I’ve created breathtaking designs that make all my time and effort worth it. Making images and photos a part of my business and content marketing tactics have provided significant results. It enhanced my websites in so many ways. How did stock photos improve my sites? Find out!

  • All my websites now look good. People like eye-candy. They crave for it. They are more likely to browse around websites that are effectively-designed with images. Of course, I make sure that the stock photos I use are relevant to my content to eliminate unrelated visual noise and promote effective visual communication.
  • I’ve gained more readers. Yes, my websites have greater conversion now that I am using Adobe Stock photos. Images are attention-grabbing. They give a boost to your content’s page views. As I’ve said, as long as they are relevant to your content, they will keep your new visitors from hitting the back button.
  • I’ve gained more customers. My websites range from blogs to ecommerce. Through images, my websites have impressed potential customers and turned them into buyers. Eye-catching websites make visitors more likely to buy. In fact, 60% of consumers say that the quality of photos and images play an important part in choosing and buying a product.
  • High-quality images are hip and modern. Whether we admit it or not, people love hip and modern. They trust these kinds of companies. And with Adobe Stock, my websites achieved that. So, now I get more visitors and sales.

Adobe Stock provides me with loads of high-quality images that convey the value proposition of my websites. It teases my readers with story appeal. My articles now get up to 94% more total views. Engagement rates in my social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are also higher. Facebook is an important part of my social media marketing strategy and I never fail to include images in my updates.

How about you? Are you also using cheap stock photos to improve your websites? What stock photo agency are you subscribed to? Has it worked for you? I suggest that you also improve your websites with Adobe Stock photos. If you have an online store, expect higher engagement rates and sales. If you issue press releases, expect an increase in online views. I look forward to hearing your own stock photo story.


Dollar Photo Club Closed Soon

The Dollar Photo Club is set to terminate all its services on April 15, 2016. This means that the stock photo website will be shutting its doors permanently in less than two weeks. The stock site and its parent Fotolia were acquired by Adobe Stock in January 2016, but the announcement came via their Facebook page in March, informing members and non-members alike to find a better Dollar Photo club alternative.

There are so many reasons why the Dollar Photo Club closure is disappointing. Its $1 for every image rule will surely be missed. More importantly, current members will not be able to refund their membership. This means that they will not be able to get their remaining downloads, unless they move to Adobe Stock. The latter is a good website. Don’t get us wrong, but it just doesn’t offer the same Dollar Photo club experience that members are used to.

We, at Stock Photo Secrets, only want the best for creative professionals around the world. We want you to get value for your money. That’s why we are introducing a new stock photo website that offers fairly the same kind of product as the Dollar Photo Club, plus a little bit more. 99 Club offers DPC members and non-members alike the opportunity to download two times more images than their soon-to-be ex stock photo website offers.


With the Dollar Photo Club closed soon, 99 Club becomes the best alternative in the market. It has over 4 million high quality images in its collection, with 60,000 to 80,000 more added every month. All images possess a royalty-free license that allows you to use them in any project – even after your subscription expires. They also include the necessary model and property releases, so you do not have to worry about the small stuff down the road.

A 99 Club membership entitles you to access its continually growing collection of stock photos, vectors and premium fonts. It allows you to download 200 professional quality mages (of any size) for only $99 per year. It also gives you an exclusive price $0.99 for every image you download when your creative needs exceed 200. Moreover, it has no additional fees or auto-renew. You can keep your membership for as long as you like.

The Dollar Photo Club closure is not entirely a bad thing. It also opens the creative community to a better opportunity with Stock Photo Secrets’ 99 Club. It offers fairly the same type of product, and a bit more. If you are looking for a stock photo website that offers affordable images and the same Dollar Photo club experience, you should check out 99 Club. It only has a limited membership availability, so you should hurry and sign up today.

Adobe Stock Photos can Make Your Project Look Great

Adobe-Stock-logo Do you need to find a way for your latest project to stand out? One way to make a statement with your projects is by using stock photos. However, there is a trick to using them in a way that enhances the final product and ensures that it will look fresh and original, and Adobe Stock can help you, read the full review here.

Use photos in context

It is pointless to throw a random photo into your project to act as a mere means of taking up space. Make sure the images you choose fit the context of your project. So, you need to put some thought into the process. However, you can still get creative with your image choices. Feel free to use something that has a loose association with your topic and has some visual interest.

Avoid faces

Faces of any kind can be distracting when they are part of a stock image. This is especially true when the faces do not match your concept. Many of the stock images of faces have people with smiles. That’s great for some projects but not all of them. Another reason to avoid faces is that often the same models are used for different stock photos. So, the same face might be used for multiple projects, making your project seem disingenuous and ineffective.

Crop tight and focus on details


You do not need to use the image in the same format it was downloaded. Fee free to crop it down to a smaller size or focus on just one or two details from it. Adobe Stock can help you with this step. With Adobe Stock, you can manipulate the image any way you like right within your project, and you will not need to pay for the image until you are certain it will work for you.

Customize your stock photos

Stock images are not meant to stand alone. You need to add something to it to make it belong to you and to show it has a place in your project. At the basic level, you can add a header or caption. Do some brainstorming to find ways to turn a stock image into an original creation.

Keep it simple

Use images with lots of blank space or simple scenes. Photos with just one image are also a good option. You do not want to complicate the process nor do you want anyone looking at the project to be confused by the image.

Keeping these simple guidelines in mind will definitely keep you on the right track for finding the perfect stock images. Using Adobe Stock can guide you through the process of taking ordinary stock photos and making them extraordinary. Before you know it, you will have stock images that are helpful tools that will propel your next project to the top of the charts.

The Shutterstock Coupon Code 2015: Before It’s Too Late


Through the end of 2015, we had negotiated with Shutterstock to offer some of the best savings and most valuable stock photography coupons you can find anywhere on the internet.  Our Shutterstock coupon code 2016 offerings provide tremendous value, and can help you gain access to some of the best quality stock photography content in the world for an amazing price.  But as noted, our Shutterstock coupon code was only guaranteed until the end of 2015, and you will have to act fast to get the most value you can out of these amazing deals.  Here’s what savings you can unlock, and a few quick notes on how to do so.

Shutterstock Coupon Savings

Our 2015 coupon code offerings can give you discounts on Shutterstock imagery no matter how you choose to download photography for your commercial uses.  With the code SECRETS15, you can save fifteen percent off on all subscriptions, including month to month and annual stock photography subscriptions.  Using the code FOOTAGE15, you can save 15% off on all stock footage and video packages, helping you unlock savings for multimedia commercial materials.


Combined, these codes can help you save literally hundreds of dollars.  Our Shutterstock coupon codes for the past year are all based on a flat percentage discount, so the more extensive your needs and the more you spend, the more you will save.  But remember, these codes were only guaranteed through the end of 2015, and you should make sure that you act to redeem these savings as soon as possible to make sure they are still available!

How To Redeem Shutterstock Coupon Code 2015 Offerings


If you are ready to unlock these savings, doing so is easy as long as they are still available.  Here are a few steps to help you redeem our Shutterstock coupon code savings to get the best deals you can on your imagery.

  1. Check Out Our Instructional Video

We produced an instructional video to help redeem our Shutterstock coupon code way back in 2013, and you can check it out to get step by step instructions for redeeming our 2015 offers as well.  The same process applies, though the codes will be different.

  1. Choose Your Code and Save

Choose which Shutterstock coupon code is best for your commercial needs, and select your savings accordingly.  Select whichever code you like, and follow our instructions from the video above.  Unlocking your Shutterstock savings is as easy as that, but these coupons won’t last long!

People Images: Stocked with Images of People

People images
How many times have we jumped from site to site looking for a specific image? I know I have. It may not even be a specific image that we’re after. It may be a specific pose or a specific message that were trying to get across. Our jobs as marketers can be frustrating what we’re trying to find the perfect image, but we constantly come up empty.

Do MicroStock Agencies Have You Jaded?

It may be frustrating enough that we’re tired of the same image over and over again. Using stock images in business bring to mind the cliché of a businessman walking on the tightrope. If we’re looking for something fun, we often turn to animals – usually cats. It seems that no matter where we turn, we keep coming across the same images – even if the MicroStock agency advertises a library of over 40 million images.

Narrow Your Search

The toughest categories of stock images are those taken of people. People images are naturally dynamic. People’s faces can show several different expressions. It’s sort of like a Mona Lisa painting – you can get a subtle hint of mischief behind the smile. The human body is a complex machine. With all the different configurations that two people can be in when posing for a photo, it might be time to narrow your search to a specialty stock photo agency.

Not Your Average Stock Site

Peopleimages is not your average stock site. They don’t have your average categories. You won’t find landscapes, animals or food. Much like the name implies, at Peopleimages, you will find images of people. That’s it – nothing but pictures of people.

That makes Peopleimages stand out as an extraordinary stock photo agency.

Pristine Quality

stock people images

Peopleimages was started by a photographer. And not just any photographer – a stock photographer that sells over 4 million images per year and has made a name for himself as the top stock photographer of the world.

Taking images of other people are not only tougher because it can be tougher to convey a message, but also because of the dynamics involved. You have to get the right people in the right pose in the right setting. And then, you have to capture the moment perfectly. Almost as if you’re watching a nature show on humans – Peopleimages attempts to capture people in their natural habitat. He wants to pose people without them looking posed. All of this leads to an entire library of pristine quality.